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What Laws Are Being Passed in California

The controversial farm animal law – particularly the introduction of bacon and pork products into the conversation – was passed in 2018. The first deadline ended in January 2020 and required laying hens to have enough space. Chickens must be housed with a minimum of 144 square inches per hen. Calves intended to be sold as calves must be housed with a minimum of 43 square feet per calf. As the drought worsens, California farmers are being paid not to farm. Los Angeles Times equity advocacy groups, teachers` unions, and a handful of major school districts that already have ethnic studies classes. Many education researchers say that students, especially students of color, perform better in school when they see themselves in what they are taught. Experts also say that forcing teachers to deal with historical oppression and the diversity of students` backgrounds could prompt them to rethink how they teach other subjects such as literature, science and mathematics. Two bills have been passed that would facilitate the construction of small apartment buildings in areas where only single-family homes are allowed. The aim is to address a housing shortage in the country`s most populous state.

A group of 241 cities called on Newsom to veto a bill because it would circumvent local zoning laws, with a few exceptions. Newsom signed the bill on October 8. In a statement on the matter and in a series of bills to increase support for K-12 students, he said, “We are implementing the historic and transformative measures needed to support the health and well-being of our students.” SB 331 would prohibit employers from entering into secret agreements to prevent workers from reporting all forms of unlawful harassment or discrimination, with a few exceptions. It is backed by Democratic Senator Connie Leyva de Chino and builds on a law passed in 2018 that restricts the use of non-disclosure agreements to resolve cases of sex discrimination, harassment or sexual assault. Two other high-profile housing bills were not passed. The bills would have facilitated the conversion of abandoned shopping malls into apartment buildings. Both bills were passed by the Senate, but received no vote in the Assembly. The State Assembly is forming a special committee to investigate the oil spill off Huntington Beach and gather laws to ensure similar events don`t happen again — and today, costa Mesa spokesman Anthony Rendon Cottie petrie-Norris will appoint him president, as I learned exclusively. Also today, Bonta and U.S.

Senator Alex Padilla will travel to Orange County for a briefing on the oil spill – to which officials have more questions than answers. The Coast Guard on Friday lowered its estimate of spilled oil from 144,000 gallons to between 25,000 and 131,000 gallons, while noting that the pipeline may have been damaged months or even a year ago, likely by the anchor of a ship. Meanwhile, officials are struggling to establish a timeline for what happened in the 15-hour interval between when the oil was first reported in the water and when federal agencies were notified of the pipeline leak. When this and several other police reform bills were signed on Sept. 30, Newsom issued a statement during his visit to Rowley Park in Gardena, where he was accompanied by lawmakers, community leaders, and families of victims of police violence. “Today marks a new step towards healing and justice for all,” the governor said. “Too many lives have been lost to racial profiling and excessive use of force. We cannot change what happened, but we can strengthen accountability, eradicate racial injustice and combat systemic racism. The park was the scene of a 2018 police shooting that killed 25-year-old Kenneth Ross Jr. the officer, Michael Robbins, was later acquitted of the misconduct charges. California police have used rubber bullets and tear gas against protesters and journalists — most recently during protests last summer after police killed George Floyd in Minneapolis. In some cases, people were seriously injured, leading to lawsuits claiming that officers had used these weapons inappropriately.


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